Fashion & Design in Latin America

Technological innovation and the expansion of online language are the main pillars of this collaboration.

Fashion has no absolute truths. And this intersection of design and culture between the Victoria Paris and the Don Nadie show us an extremely rich mix of minimalist shapes and colors.

The Nopal (cactus), the agave and the feathered snake are elements that the studio DonNadie used to portray on paper the beauty without limits and majesty of the Mexican land, a minimalist set design adapted to the iconic bag “CEREUS”. The Studio DonNadie proposes a look full of air and light to distant land, noble and full of traditions that are part of the universal culture.

Latin American designers grow, emerge with strength, identity, since looking for their roots and harmonizing them with new trends they achieve extraordinary results.

In this globalized world they are observed with curiosity and expectation, they are a refreshing and innovative breath, a mixture of colors with extremely attractive designs. It can be said that Latin American designers have taken a significant  place in fashion, with increasing force, presence and their own style, they achieve a place in the world concert of fashion.

Photography Studio Don Nadie
Handbag Victoria Paris


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