Seven Seven


Victoria Paris explores the virtual world by collaborating with Seven Seven

Our brand is a firm believer in the potential of technology integration for more sustainable practices in and out of the fashion industry. Aiming to preserve the environment, sustainable technology has the power to direct us to new ways of thinking, acting, and being responsible for the environment in which we live. In the fashionable environment, these new technologies are increasingly changing the way we consume. 

Seven Sven is expert in 3D experiential design that aims to create bespoke, unique, and immersive virtual experiences. Our collaboration resulted from a project that envisions the proper representation of cultural heritage and sustainable practices in the fashion industry through a crafted digital architectural experience that later became our digital showroom. Our goal was to emerge our customer in an all-online experience that would change the way he sees traditional product promotion while representing the consciously minimalist inspiration of Victoria Paris.

When produced correctly, technology can play an essential part in sustainable consumerism. After the Covid-19 pandemic, our brand has recognized even more the benefits of non-wasteful technologies for womenswear brands and has adapted our habits on consumer values based on actions pro-environment to fight disposable practices in the industry. Since then, more consumer profiles have emerged, even more, connected to the products and services they use and their production. Now, more consumers are the protagonists of their consumer choices; they recognize and claim their responsibility and concern for the environment and, consequently, the demand for sustainability. Our idea to partner with Seven Sven to créate an online showroom experience came in perfectly.

They created a space that enhanced the guest experience with a virtual interactive narrative that is insightful and helpful. The Victoria Paris shopper is not only concerned with sustainaible practices for production but much more than that, and our misión is to bring you the quality product you deserve while providing you service that is both sustainable and efficient. 




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