Our main ambition is to become a positive change in the industry adopting a considerate production approach and making fashion more sustainable. With these in mind we use 100% organic, all natural and partially biodegradable cactus leather, which is certified by:

Our bags are constructed exclusively of non-animal materials.


Made of Opuntia Cactus (Nopal), it originates in a certified organic farm in Zacatecas, Mexico. To turn cactus into leather mature leaves are cut down, cleaned, mashed and dried for 3 days under the sun. Then it is mixed with non-toxic chemicals and shaped into any texture. The process is transparent and simple, with no toxic chemicals, excessive water/ energy consumption or cruelty involved.
The result is fabulous! We get breathable, flexible, durable (up to 10 years) and purely vegan leather. Because of its softness it is becoming more and more popular with luxury segment.



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