It was from the great eco-awareness that Laura Aguilera - Founder and Creative Director - felt the urge to create her vegan label of luxurious handbags Victoria Paris. 

Studying Fashion and Publicity in Madrid, Aguilera spent five years working in the fast fashion industry as a stylist and designer. She had her works published in internationally recognized magazines like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, and L’Officiel.

Having learned about the impact the fashion industry has on the environment, Aguilera took it as her responsibility to do her best to become a positive change in the industry. With this in mind, Laura Aguilera moved to the capital of fashion - Paris to start a new adventure.

Through an exquisite combination of sophisticated design and sharp tailoring of Victoria Paris creations, Aguilera puts a meaningful message across, inspiring people to adopt a more sustainable approach for a cleaner industry and a safer tomorrow.



Photography by Olga Gasnier

"It’s indisputable that there are environmental problems in the current way we are designing and manufacturing fashion. We want to offer an opportunity to address some of those problems in a creative and innovative way.”



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