GLOBAL GARBS -2021 What's next in sustainable fashion?


When you open up a “regular” fashion magazine, you might find an article listing the "Top Trends to Wear for a Night on the Town", or the Top Nail Colors for 2021 - you get the idea. But as a sustainable fashion magazine, we see that brands tend to have a much higher standard when it comes to trends.

One overarching theme we see across most sustainable brands is that their mission statement can oftentimes be such a huge part of what they are working on next. Whether it be using new recycled materials or focusing more on natural fibers, being a sustainable brand means that you oftentimes have to forgo the typical trendy items
and think bigger picture.

With that said, there are still trends within the sustainable fashion industry. Whether they are design-related, values-driven, or based on new manufacturing technology, there are definitely still trends that designers take into consideration when it comes to producing new collections.

Here’s what we discovered after speaking with nine different brands about what they see trending in a sustainable fashion for 2021.

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